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Nicole Recap (June 2003)
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Nicole Recaps

Latest Nicole Recap:

Lucas, Kate, Nicole and Roman's find Sami, who is marrying Brandon. Lucas tells Brandon about Sami switching the baby test results and Brandon leaves her.
Sami chases after him but Nicole tells her to leave her brother the hell alone! Nicole tells Sami off and to do them all a favor and jump out the nearest window.... which is funny because Victor just pushed Nicole out the window!

Nicole finds Brandon packing his bags. She says he can stay with her. Brandon says he is going to Chicago and to live with their other sister, Taylor.Nicole does not want him to leave and cries, saying she will miss him. Abe arrives
and Nicole leaves.

Victor tells Nicole she is "allowed" to have lunch with him today. Nicole says oh Boy! Victor thinks she should be grateful to him for letting her go to witness Sami's downfall earlier. "Perhaps I should kiss your feet," Nicole responds. Victor says he gave her everything, and she paid him back by sleeping with another man. Nicole says he knew what she was like when he married her so why was he so surprised. Nicole says she will pay him back for treating her this way.  She threatens to tell Philip the truth. He says, "Don't.. it will only make things much worse for you."

Victor gives Philip a phony explanation about why Nicole was locked in her room but Philip is not buying. Phillip tells his dad that he cares about him,and asks Victor why he wants to waste his time this way.

Later, Victor tells Nicole to go to the hospital..there is something she needs to see.
At the hospital, Nicole learns about Sami's accident and overhears that Sami has severe damage to her throat. Lucas tells Nicole to call Brandon but Nicole wants to wait saying maybe Brandon won't need that annulment. Brady overhears Nicole and asks her if she is really as heartless as she she seems.

As the doctor explains how Sami's vocal cords were slashed, and she may not be able to speak, Nicole blurts out Thank god!She apologizes, but Roman tells her to get the hell out of here. Victor warns Nicole she should learn from what happened to Sami. Nicole says, "Remember my coma?" They go to leave, but Nicole tells Victor she has to take a potty break. Instead she uses the pay phone.

Nicole visits Larry Welch in jail. Larry at first doesn't know who she is..Nicole tells him they have something in common because they both hate Victor.She says she KNOWS he didn't kill Colin Murphy and she knows Victor set him up..twice. Larry does not know what he can do from jail. She asks if she gets him out of jail, will he help her..she wants him to kill Victor.

Larry as he begins coming on to her but she now wants a killer, not a lover.She tells him if he kills Victor, she will then be his. He grabs her and kisses her neck as she winces.  He finally agrees but he wants his freedom and HER.
After thinking about it, she said they have a deal an he grabs her again this time slobbering on her mouth..

Larry wants to know what will happen to him after the murder as he knows Bo will keep looking until he finds him. She suggests they set up his phony death.He asks where she could find a body. She will figure something out. He kisses her goodbye and she thinks, what have I done this time? At the morgue, Nicole comes in wearing surgical garments and begins looking for a body.