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Nicole Recaps (March 2003-May 2003)
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Nicole Recaps (March 2003-May 2003)

March-May 2003

By KathyNYC

Thanks to Dustin's site for filling in some of the gaps.    

-Nicole knows Victor has some illegal dealings.. At the pub, she goes 
to see Bo to tell him about it but Victor shows up and stops her. Victor gives 
Bo some lame explanation.  Bo lectures Nicole for trying to come between 
him and his father. Victor warns her that she will never win but Nicole tells 
Victor that nothing lasts forever! 
-Victor calls Brady to the mansion and offers him a job at Titan, so 
eventually Brady can inherit the business. Nicole is furious. Brady 
agrees to consider the offer but Nicoles tells him to turn down the job, as he is not 
qualified. Brady points out that Nicole had to sleep her way to the top.
-At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole realizes Victor is out to break up 
Brady and Chloe up. Brady tells Victor Chloe is in remission. Victor says he is 
happy, but Nicole knows better. Nicole tries to tell Brady what Victor is up 
to, but again,Victor makes some excuse that Brady believes.
-Victor and Nicole are in their limo . Victor tells Nicole he once 
loved her, but Nicole doesn't believe it. He says she deserves what she is 
getting! An earthquake occurs and they hit a tree. Nicole wakes up, but an injured 
Victor and the driver are still out cold.  The limo doors won't open and the 
phone doesn't work. She is about to try and break the glass with a corkscrew 
but Brady bangs on her window. He opens the door.
-Brady and Nicole get Victor to the hospital. Victor wakes up and asks 
to see Brady. He thanks Brady for saving him. Nicole goes in to see Victor, 
and he asks her why she didn't just leave him to die? Nicole says maybe she 
isn't the monster he believes she is. 
-At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole and Victor see Phillip on TV on the 
dating show. They find Phillip and Victor asks he why he not tell his family he was 
back? Phillip says he had to honor his contract and surprise everyone. Brady 
shows up and runs into a very drunk Nicole. She tells him to scram and leaves.
-Brady goes to Echelon to rescue Nicole. Nicole ends up passing out in 
Brady's arms. He lifts her up to take her home. Victor arrives and asks him 
to put her in the limo. Brady is worried about Nicole. He hints that he will 
find out what is going on.
-Phillip shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole tries to tell Phillip 
the truth about her marriage to his father. Victor shows up and states all 
is well. After Phillip leaves, Nicole yells at Victor for lying to Philip. He 
ignores her, and she thows a vase at him. Victor orders Nico to  lock her in 
her room. Nicole screams she is sorry as Nico drags her off. 
-Later Victor orders Nicole to get ready..they are going to the Blue Note to hear Chloe sing. Nicole keeps drinking which makes Victor mad. Brady 
thanks his grandfather for coming. A drunk Nicole states if Chloe sang her 
regularly, she would close down the place. Nicole leaves to get another drink. 
Victor talks to Cecelia Marin. Nicole figures he is up to something.
-Nicole tells Phillip that she is locked in her room and she demands he 
get her out. Phillip asks Henderson for the key , but Henderson says he 
can't go against  Victor's wishes. Phillip ends up kicking down the door. 
Phillip asks Nicole why she is locked up, but she tells him to ask his father. 
-Nicole is in her room and gets a call from Lucas to come watch Sami's 
downfall. Nicole tries to sneak out the window, but Victor sees her and 
pushes her out off the ledge. Nico breaks her fall. Nicole accuses Victor of 
trying to kill her. He wants to know where she is going? She says.. the hospital 
to watch Sami squirm. Victor allows Nicole to go.