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Nicole Recaps (March 2003)
Arianne Zuker Mania

Nicole Recap (Feb-March 03)

Nicole tries to drown her sorrows. Victor calls her his possession and a slut. Nicole sneaks out to the Cheatin' Heart and calls Brandon. He asks why she is there and not home with her wonderful husband. She says she's rich now. She can do what she wants. Nicole goes home, upset. She sees Victor who says he has proof that she murdered Colin Murphy.

At breakfast, Victor sees that Shawn has been charged with the murder. Bo is on the terrace, looking for clues to prove Shawn innocent. Victor joins him and agrees Shawn didnt murder anyone. As Bo says it couldnt have been Shawn's gun that shot Colin Murphy, Nicole looks scared.

Victor later tells her he wont let his grandson go to jail for her. Victor wants to know what happened. Nicole admits that Shawn shot Colin but missed and then not knowing, dropped the gun and left. Nicole said she picked it up to scare Colin, but he called her a bitch and a slut, and tried take the gun from her. They struggled for the gun Nicole and it goes off. Colin falls in the snow.

Nicole's crying and telling Victor she only meant to scare Colin, not hurt him. She didnāt know what to do, so she ran. He tells her to get the gun.

Nicole finds Brandon and is mad at Brandon for moving in with Sami. He can see she is upset and  wants to know what Victor has done to her and she says she is as good as dead. But then Nicole tells Brandon not to worry about her she will be fine and leaves. She wonders if she should turn herself in.

Victor stops her. They plant the gun outside together for the police to find. Victor has arranged for Larry to take the blame. Victor will not lose his reputation over this. Victor fires Nicole from Titan so she can stay home. She will no longer be allowed to leave the house without him. They do go to the courthouse together to see Larry plead guilty for the murder.

Victor drags Nicole to a board meeting at Salem Hospital. They run into Brady. As Victor goes off to speak to Bo, Nicole spills coffee on her blouse and Brady wipes it off. She accuses him of copping a feel. She says that technically she is his step-grandma. Brady finds this funny. She calls him arrogant and phony. He calls her an arrogant person with no class. She gets upset and explains he does not know her well enough to say that...and why should he even care.

Victor comes back to take her to the board meeting. Brady is sure something is going on with them. 
By: KathyNYC