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Kyle and Arianne on Soap Talk 02/03
Arianne Zuker Mania

Soap Talk 2/14/03

Introductions: Kyle and Ari walk out hand in hand.

Ty: Guys, congratulations.
Kyle and Ari: Thank you, Thank you very much.
Ty: Awesome. August 3rd wedding, right?
Kyle: Yes August 3rd.
Ari: It's our 7th month anniversary tomorrow..(wedding photo of Kyle and Ari with sunset in the background overlooking the water)
Ty: Now you guys got married on a boat, right?
Kyle: A catamaran, yeah. It was the most incredible thing. I mean dolphins jumping out of the water on our way out there.
Ari: They followed us on the way out there..a little baby. It was so romantic.
Kyle: ..and the position of the boat as we're getting married, the sun set right between our heads.
Ari: It was amazing..it was like, " and cue sunset'
Kyle: Cue sunset yeah...(laughs)..it was great.
Ty: Is there a thing you would do cause we were talking backstage... I just got engaged (clapping) ..any advice on what to do or how to plan a wedding?
Ari: Just listen to your fiancee...LOL
Ty: ::::Laughing:::::yeah good advice.
Kyle: Actually that was more for me. I have to give Arianne some credit. She really did most of the planning. She did, she really did. We had 20 people there..total. I mean..it was very stressfree..  definitely the way we wanted
to do it. We had no last minute crisises or anything like
that....everything turned out really well.
Ty: ...cause you always hear, oh, there's a wedding cake story .
Kyle: ..or the organist didn't show up.
Ari: or my mom fell overboard..(laughter)
Ty: How did you guys meet on Days? Did you know it right away? Who made the first move? Let me ask you that..
Ari: Umm...he did...sort of.
Kyle: You know in all honesty, nobody is going to believe this but I honestly just wanted to hang out. We just started working together a little bit..we had this little story.
Ty: You used the let's be friends move..haha..
Arianne: Yeah I am still wondering if I should believe him to this day..but I will give him some credit.
Kyle: I went up to her and said, do you like to go see movies? We should go out some time and have fun and we did. We went out to see a movie and had some dinner and went bowling and it was the coolest thing. We just started
like...as you know. you're engaged, you're married..when you meet someone who ..they turn your best friend, you just don't want to spend your time with anybody else.
Ari: awwww.
Lisa: So how do your fans react to this, being you both work on the same show. You play in totally opposite storylines.
Kyle and Ari: (look at each other before answering..not knowing exactly how to respond)
Ari: Well, we have some that love us and some that.....well..
Ty:  The good guy wants the bad girl.
Kyle: You know we have gotten some really cool response from a lot of fans...gifts.. we were showered with gifts.
Kyle and Ari..Thank you.
Lisa: Fans can be so great..generous.
Kyle: You know...I am not going to say that anyone was negative. If anybody was kind of  weird about it, it was because it was a shock.
Ari: It was shocking.
Kyle: They were like..Brady and Nicole...I can't see that happening.
Ari: I don't like Nicole..we love Brady.
Ty: Did you guys kind of keep your relationship secret at first.
Ari: Yes.
Ty: Oh you did..like on the set?.
Kyle: It's not like we didn't tell anybody.
Ari: We didn't tell anybody.
Kyle: Well it's not like we were lying or keeping things from people. We just didn't talk about it.
Ari: ..cause we wanted to make sure. I had this big old rule...I think I mentioned it the last time I was here, not to really date anybody on the show.
Ty: You can see how that worked.
Ari: I married the guy...I mean..so ..we just wanted to make sure.
Kyle: (to Lisa) you know Mikey McCarty... one of our our camera man on the show. I walked in and he said, you're engaged to Arianne? And I said yes and he goes..."Have you two met"?
Ty: No one knew.
Ari: No one knew..not even my best girlfriends.
Kyle: Nobody had a clue..we only had two scenes, two little scenes on the show together so nobody had seen us interact. It was funny..yeah.
Ty: OK, what's the biggest difference, now that you are married, do you notice a difference in your relationship?
Ari: Yes.
Kyle: Yeah...Well I..I've..{laughs at himself)..I''m completely domestic now.
Lisa: So now you are cleaning the house.
Kyle: I've got the green thumbs going on, I love working on the house I think.
Lisa: And do you think that comes from being married?
Kyle: It does, you know..I just enjoy being home with my wife (awwwww). I know everyone is going to start throwing up by now.
Lisa: It's ok, it's our Valentine's day show so it works.
Kyle: I enjoy being home and doing projects on the house and stuff like that. Stuff that when I was single and living in my apartment..I just didn't care you know?
Ari: I definitely found a ..apparantly I have gotten some wonderful compliments especially at work that..marriage suits me, and I just feel like I found a new found glow. There is something so wonderful and so secure about
having such a great relationship. I mean it's so easy and I think that's what relationships are supposed to be all about.
Ty: Now Arianne, what's the one thing about Kyle ..do you have one thing about Kyle that you would like to share with us?
Lisa: ..that we would never expect.
Kyle: Do you want me to leave the room?
Ari: Um...well, you know he portrays..such a wonderful character and a hero and you know. I really have to say..I mean maybe you wouldn't know, you could guess it but there are so many amazing qualities about this man but the most
amazing quality is he has so much respect for anybody I ever met. I mean he walks into a room and I think he just lights it up.
Kyle: Thank you.
Lisa: How about Arianne?  Anything?
Kyle:Yeah, I do ..I've been asked this question before and I do have the same answer because it's so true. You look at her..she is not very harsh on the eyes, as you can see, but basically her personality is incredible, people don't realize how sensitive she is and how kind she is to others She just has a really..that's one of the reasons I was drawn to her in the beginning, she was just..I could hang out with her like with one of my guy friends.
Ari: that's because I like to drink beer.
Kyle: But she got such a wonderfully open personality that not many people know about.
Ari: Thank you..
Lisa: Well thank you for sharing so much love
Ari: We've tried.
Ty: Many happy anniversaries to come.
Kyle and Ari: Thank you.