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Better Off Wed (Part II)
Arianne Zuker Mania

Better Off Wed

(Part II)

Lowder and Zuker discuss their relationship and what they feel is important when the wedding bells chime, brought to you courtesy of Soap Opera Digest and About.com.

Dateline: 09/24/02 DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Arianne Zuker (Nicole) and Kyle Lowder (Brady) were married in real life on August 3, 2002 in Santa Barbara, CA. Here, the newlyweds discuss their relationship, their wedding, and just what's so great about each other. For the full interview, check out this week's issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Did the fact that you work together give you pause about getting involved?
Zuker: Yes, because I never really wanted to date anybody at work. You know, you see it everywhere, you see people in movies or wherever, they get together and they break up a couple of weeks after, because they're dating the character. Kyle and I never actually had storyline together; we just happened to be in the same area. I think that's what made us think, "Let's try this and not tell anyone for a while."
Lowder: There came a moment where I really started to like her and I said to myself, "Kyle, don't go there, you're going to ruin everything." But it came to the point where I said to myself, "You know, we're both not really thrilled about dating people in this business, much less on the same show, but in this situation, I sort of knew everything before I knew it; I just had a feeling about it. I'd have to be stupid to pass this up."

Digest: What is the key to your successful relationship?
Zuker: Communication. We talk about everything all the time. I ramble on and on. I just can't help it.
Lowder: Communication. There is nothing better in the world. We've both been in situations in other relationships where we've had to guess or wonder what the other person was going through or thinking and then the games start. We were done with games. Since day one, we've talked about everything. And it's not like we force each other; it's just something that we want to always be on the same page and never wonder what's going on with the other one. Our relationship is so incredibly open. I can tell her anything and I want to tell her everything and she's the same way.

Digest: Kyle, what are Ari's best qualities?
Lowder: I love her independence. Ari is a very strong, independent woman and that's always been a quality that I wanted. At the same time, she knows how to be very loving and intimate, but the thing I like about her is that she's not a clingy girl. That has always been such a turn off. I know she's always going to be okay. I love taking care of her and she loves being taken care of, but she's an independent woman and that's great. I'm a very independent guy and have always been that way. We're so incredibly close and spend so much time together but we still have those times where I need my time and she needs hers. That is so important.

Digest: Ari, same question.
Zuker: His heart, his soul. He's so considerate. He doesn't put me in front of him, but he puts me equal to him. He would probably say that I put him in front of me, but we're very equal. He treats me like a lady. He's very giving. He has so many darn qualities, but I think that's the one - his consideration.

Digest: Arianne, what advice do you have for other brides?
Zuker: To enjoy it. To enjoy it as you're planning it: Don't stress out about these flowers and those flowers and this and that, because really, when it comes down to the day, that's not what's important. If you're worrying about that or a ripped seam in your dress, you're worrying about the wrong thing. Every bride should remember who they're marrying and what they're going into, rather than thinking about the perfect setting or the perfect candles or the perfect band, the perfect music. Kyle and I could have gotten married in our house or the barnyard, or whatever. It was about us.