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Arianne's Posts
Arianne Zuker Mania

SAY HUH?????
Here you can find an archive of Arianne's posts on her safesearching message board! And, if she one day posts over at AZM, of course it will be posted here! Enjoy the memories!!!
April 23, 2003
Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well. I have just started back at work again. Weird. As I'm sure you have noticed I haven't been working on the show for awhile. Although, my time off has been quite busy. I've been auditioning for shows and what not, doing fan events, and houshold beautifying. Very exciting stuff.
But, enough about me. How about Mr. Kyle Lowder? What a stud! Winning the Soap Digest Award, Emmy nominee. Did we expect anything less? Oh, by the way,"Kathy," what to wear at the Emmy's? I have not found a dress, yet. As for you, I think dress up! It will be fun! How often do you get to do this? Well ladies and gentlemen I will be back tomorrow morning. I have a concert to attend. Until tomorrow!!!!!!!
April 4, 2003
Hello everyone,
Glad to read everyone is in good spirits! I am! No reason just because. I have a few questions to answer that I have remembered reading. One, was the event for June. The ladies breakfast I think it is. I haven't officially said yes, yet. Although, some of you are starting to convince me. I'm waiting on something so I will let you know.
Spunky, I did not receive your gift, but that is not to say that the studio doesn't have it. They store stuff for awhile so I will check for you. Don't worry I'm sure it's beautiful.
Lowdergirl, I'm glad you had a good time in S.C. Kyle and I had a great trip. Lot's "o" fun.
Tim What's going on. I know your busy on the other site but we miss you over here.
I just want you all to know that my
ariannezuker@safesearching.com is stuck. I'm working on it. It is totally my computer at home so please bare with me. What am I saying you are always patient with me. Lord knows I can be a little flighty.
I am happy most of you were amused with the Brady and Nicole scenes. They are so much fun to do. I love my job!
Talk soon you crazy kids!
March 11, 2003
Wazz up? Hope everyone is well! Kyle and I had the best time at Marti Gras. I'm still recovering. And not because I was drinking. The energy of the crowd was something I have never experienced before. I don't know if any of you got to go, but some day you must. Ah, good question. Has anyone ever been to Marti Gras? If so, what was your experience?
I hope it was a good one.
Next topic. Kyle on "FRIENDS"!!!! My favorite show in the world and my husband is on it. All I have to say is YES, YES, YES, YES! I did not get to go to the taping because I had the charity event in Arizona. He said everyone in the cast was so nice. I am so glad to hear that. The air date is April 8th or something, but don't quote me on that. I'll have to find out for sure.
I am happy that those of you who received your fan packet liked what you got. It is very special to me and I appreciate your respect. It does not go unnoticed. Actually, everyone on this board is wonderful. I need all of you to know how much I appreciate you even hanging out on this board. Thank you bunches and bunches. Til next time.

Feb 7, 2003
Is it o.k. to come out and play? Sorry I haven't been on for awhile everyone, but I'm sure you know why.
Just F.Y.I. I am so staying on the show. Guess it's just wishful thinking for others. I send lots of love to all of you wonderful people who just make my day when I come on the boards. All of you are to kind. Oh, and isn't my wonderful friend and co-worker Alison Sweeney just Da-Bomb? She is always full of compliments.
I have a bit of bad news for some of you coming this weekend. I had no idea any of these event's were going on. I won't be at the Shower. Sorry
Although, in the summer, Dana Sparks and I will be doing a charity event during the Passions fan weekend. I will give you more details when we get specific dates. How about them apples?
Thanks again for being great fans and I will be back on soon. It's time to watch the show. "Days" of course.

Arianne Lowder



January 10, 2003
Howdy Kids!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I sort of turn into a hermit around this time of year. I had a great time with my family. Anyway, to the good stuff. How fun is the show right now? I think it is great! That whole ring thing I think Kathy mentioned, I'm pretty sure I was careful about them. I occasionally wear my engagement ring on my right hand or sometimes my wedding band. When I got married on the show I had Victor's engagement ring,and a wedding band on my left hand, and on my right hand my engagement ring. Did I mess that up? OOPS! It could have happened.
Sooo, What else is new with everyone? Are we happy about "Friends" staying on one more season? What are they whining about really? What a fantastic Job. Well, I still love the show. O.k. so talk to you all soon.
Arianne Lowder

December 12, 2002
Hello everyone,
What's going down? I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukah. I can't believe Hanukah came and went. Oh, I wanted to clean up my article from Soap Digest a little. I am not both Jewish and Christian. I grew up in an interfaith family. Meaning my Mom is Jewish and my Dad's family Christian. You can only be one (well you can be anything you want) but knowledgeable of all. So being that my Mom is Jewish, I am Jewish. But we learned about my Dad's side as well. So in turn we got to celebrate both. I hope I helped clarify that. I try to be helpful whenever possible. La La La La.
Talk to me. Is everyone done shopping for the holiday's? Of course I am not! I am not a last minute person, but it is hard to think of different things every year. What are some of your gift secrets?
November 21, 2002
So this is where everyone is. I like this place kids. It looks great over here. Now I have to post at two places. I can barely get to one. J.K. This is so fun! Anyway, I finally came to browse and I love it.
(From AZM message board)
Hi Everyone,
I miss being on "the board". How are ya'll? Thank's for keeping the board going so well. O.k. so what is new? Oh, my horse competition in San Fran. was rough. It was a closed in stadium and my one eyed horse did not enjoy that at all. He had a very hard time focusing with walls around him and horses cantering by so close to him. By the end of the week he was great. We did not win, but we conquered. It was a great experience. Other than that work has just recently slowed down a bit for me , so I have time to answer a few select questions. How's that sound? Talk soon!
I have to hurry! It is must see T.V. Night. I love Thurday night television.Oh, a long time ago some people were asking if I was in a photo with Lisa Lindey or Leslie Bibbs. It was Leslie Bibbs. She is a wonderful friend of mine and you have to watch her on E.R. if you can. She has I think three episodes left. My one eyed horse's name is Augie. We do the jumpers for time. He is so cute!
For Thanksgiving, Kyle and I will be with my family. I am very thankful for my health and my husband.
I have to go watch Friends now. Wishing you all the best!
October 29, 2002
Hi everyone,
I know none of you will ever believe this, but I had a problem again logging in. Anyway, I'm Back! I know this was a while ago but I hope you all enjoyed the chat. I will do another and I am not discouraged if there were people who got upset. There is only one of me and I can answer only so many questions in one hour. I hope next time I will get to answer those questions.
Anyway, I hope everyone is well. I will be back soon. I have a competition this week and I am leaving tonight. Be safe and be well!
September 27, 2002
Tim and Kathy,
Kyle and I would like to thank you both so much for getting everyone on the boards to make a donation to Make a Wish Foundation. That was such a wonderful idea. I know Make a Wish is very thankful. I don't know if you know, but a representative from Make a Wish is going to be on set September 30, 2002 to present a plaque in honor of our fan's donation. Soap Center is going to be there as well taping the moment. This really means so much to Kyle and I not only for the wonderful gifts you all have sent us, but for the selfless act of donating your time and money to others who need it most. Again, we can't thank you, Tim and Kathy, enough for thinking of this. If we have not given credit to anyone else who helped, please forgive us. --- Keep smiling!
All our best,
Arianne and Kyle

September 16, 2002
Hey everyone,
Hope life is good. I noticed that some of you noticed Kyle and I looked a little darker on the show. Oops. You are correct. Guess where we were? Thanks for the younger comment by the way. Although, you can look at being young so many different ways. I still feel like I'm fourteen. I act like I'm fourteen sometimes, too. I look at age as........well your going to age no matter what, so you may as well have a good time doing it. That's my philosophy. What do you guys think? Do any of you get that, " I getting old syndrome"?
August 13, 2002
Hi everyone,
I couldn't help but notice the deal with my registry. I just want everyone to know that, yes I could have registered under a differnet name, but honestly I just forgot. It really never came to my attention until some friends mentioned it. I was just a very happy bride who registered at these two stores. And now a very happy wife!  So thank you everyone for your concerns that means a lot to me. - Anyway, I am so excited to have my site up and running again. It has been such a long time. I'm going to continue reading posts now!
I forget how much you all make me laugh. I am so lucky to have fans like you. I'm just sitting here reading how you all chat back and forth. Sometimes it isn't even about the show. It's just really cool. It's amazing how some of you have become such close friends. It is so nice to see a family in the making. I guess I'm very emotional now that I'm married. I love it! You guy's and gal's are the best!
Talk soon,
Arianne Lowder