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Women Of Style: Head To Toe Looks That Make Them Shine
Arianne Zuker Mania

 Women of Syle: Head to toe looks that make them shine.

Arianne Zuker

Personal Style: "My personal style is pretty casual, but I like to look cute. I like Abercrombie & Fitch Pants with a cutoff T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Now that's winter's coming, I'll be wearing sweaters and vests. I am so happy vests are back in style."

Can live without: The 80's. "I love the hair and makeup but the clothing was bad."

Favorite colors: "I gravitate toward natural, brown and blacks, although this summer, I did a lot of reds, pinks and blue.

Favorite Designers: "Well, I don't run out and buy things that are too expensive very often, but DKNY makes great pants for me. I don't have to alter them. And Lucky jeans, which are a little more affordable are great. Same kind of fit. They're low but not too low. And I like Guess for my blouses."

Fashion Tips: " I kow this is going to sound ridiculous because I used to laugh when my mom told me, but wear the clothes: don't let the clothes wear you. Don't wear something just because a magazine says so; you have to feel comfortable in it."

Makeup Preferences: "I don't wear a lot off-screen, but I like to highlight my cheeks with M.A.C. bronzing powder and wear a thicker mascara and a little bit of brown eyeliner by M.A.C. On my lips, I wear Origins lip gloss because it has mint in it. I have three colors. The look is fresh, like you're not wearing a lot of makeup."

A woman with great style is.....: "Lucky! I certainly was not one. I had to learn. I learned from Julianne (Morris, ex-Greta, DAYS) because she always has a great style. I love accessories, that's my thing. If I have a cute necklace, belt and a purse that dress up my plain jeans and a thermal shirt, I'm happy. I'm comfortable."

Dress for Success* New York. Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that helps low income women make tailored transitions into the workforce.