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Nicole Recap (Weeks of August 26-September 7)
Arianne Zuker Mania

Nicole Screen Caps
(Weeks of August 26-September 7)
Please note: Due to Arianne's wedding, Nicole did not have a whole lot of action during these few weeks. With that in mind, I didn't write too much about these episodes! But watch out...she's back!!

Nicole is now in a coma, after taking the bullet intended for Victor at the Salem Inn. As Nicole fights for her life, the people around her are fighting like crazy! Sami is contemplating killing Nicole, Victor is blaming Sami to Roman (and anyone else that will listen), Brandon wants to kill Abe! (Ahh, just focus on my NIKKI!) Why can't these people understand? Hopefully, Nicole will wake from her coma very soon, and with her recovery will come a new outlook on life! Watch out for those Hot Summer Twists!