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Aug/Sept/Oct 2002 Tibits
Arianne Zuker Mania

August/September Tibits
(Various Media)
 SOD August 2002 

ROUNDUP: If you had to spend a week on a desert island with a castmate, who
would it be and why?

Alison Sweeney: "Arianne Zuker (Nicole). We would need a horse because we both
love horses, and we love to shop and watch movies. We close down restaurants,
talking for hours on end. She's really my good friend on the show, and I have a
good time with her. We like to be straightforward and honest with each other,
and that's why we're such good friends."
SOD 9/24
Question: Who do you rely on to back you up if you lose a script of end up being late? Have you ever had to cover for someone else?
Kyle Lowder: This is an easy one...my wife, Arianne. And yes, I have backed other people up.

Does Nicole feel guilty about hurtins Brandon in blackmailing Sami? 
Arianne Zuker replies:  "Yes, she really hates involving him, But Sami is not the greatest girlfriend and Nicole doesn't want her to hurt Brandon."
Roundup: Question? Who has the neatest dressing room?

Arianne Zuker: "I can't say my own, so I'll say Lauren Koslow (Kate).
It's adorable, like a little country inn. It's so cute.
SOD - 11/5


What is the most annoying stunt that a roommate has ever pulled?

Arianne Zuker: "One of my roommates kept a tea kettle burning for hours. I
came home and it was bright red. Almost burned the house down. He told me
he'd buy me a new tea kettle. I said, "you're banned! You're banned from the
kitchen! You can only use the microwave."