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Nicole Recap: week of August 8, 2002
Arianne Zuker Mania

Nicole Recap: August 8, 2002 (Location: Penthouse Grill)

Fixing her make-up at a secluded table at Penthouse Grill, Nicole is obviously preparing for a special evening. Looking absolutely stunning, Nicole is dining with Victor at their special table. What looks to be a magical, romantic dinner, turns into a question and answer session with a couple of threats from Mr. Kiriakis. Victor continues his questioning about whether or not he is the only man in Nicoles heart, and as she is thinking about her interesting encounter with Colin Murphy earlier that day at Salem Place, she assures Victor that he is just being paranoid. However, Kiriakis is very adamant about warning Nicole of the consequences of betrayal. He tells Nicole that if she marries him, she will have her every wish, desire, fantasy at her finger tips; she will be insured for the rest of her life.but there is a price for that fortune---he must be the ONLY man in her life! When Nicole says she understands the terms (not necessarily agrees with them just yet)Victor tells her that she has passed the first test.

Instantly after hearing the word test, Nicole accuses Victor of setting up the meeting with Colin. She thought that Victor hired Colin to catch her in a lieor to test her faithfulness so to speak. Clueless about her earlier encounter, Victor starts to ask more questions. Nicole was left with no choice; she told Victor that Colin called her and asked her to meet him at Salem Place. What she failed to mention was the expensive jewelry he put on her finger and the hot kiss that the two of them shared! (Naughty Nicole!) She told Victor that she gave Colin the heave hoe and that she shouldnt be hearing from Dr. Murphy again.

What will happen to Nicole in the end? Will she continue to entangle herself with the mysterious Dr. Murphy? Will she ignore the warnings and attempt to cross Victor Kiriakis? If so, will she survive? All of this and more..on hot summer days!

August 6, 2002 (Locations: Salem Place)

Nicole appears on the scene checking herself out at a table at the Java Café. From her facial expressions, she definitely feels sexy today! As she got up to leave the Café, she is swung around by her arch-rival enemy, Kate Roberts. The two exchange kind pleasantries (not!) and Kate informs Nicole that she is on to her game, and the new man that Nicole has stolen she will have to give him up.

Confidently, Nicole starts talking about how desperate and pathetic Kate is. (Thinking that she is talking about Victor.) Then, Kate proceeds to talk about some business man that Nicole has been spreading lies to. Nicole supposedly told the guy that Basic Black was a risky investmentpossibly the next Enron. (I love how Days throws in current events to add reality!) .After Nicole rattles Kates cage enough, she starts to manhandle Nicole again. Thankfully, the soon-to-be cat fight is broken up by the heroic Roman Brady. (Insert lots of sarcasm here.) Nicole decides not to press charges because it would be a waste of time! Instead, she storms off to meet Victor in front of the jewelry store!

When Victor greets her, she has to explain that she had a little run-in with Kate. She gets this excited look of victory on her facethose mischievous looks that only our Nicole can get away with. Im in Heaven, she says. Day one is already working. Victor changes the subject by handing Nicole a ring box. It turns out that the box is in fact empty. Its emptythats a good one, Nicole says sarcastically. He tells her that he has no doubt that she loves him, but until she has no doubts, they are not ready to move to that next step. When she is in fact ready, they will pick out a ring together. Nicole accidentally slips up and says, good. The last thing I needed was another ring today. (Referring to her earlier run-in with Colinand his little gift.) She quickly covers her tracks with that witty sense of self she has! She assures Victor that he is the only man in her life. As she is reminding him of her affection with a hug, lustrous thoughts of her experiences with Dr. Colin Murphy flood her imagination. Will Nicole be able to get Colin out of her thoughts? Will she be able to find what she is deep down longing for..stay tuned to your hot summer days.