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Who Gets Shot?
Arianne Zuker Mania

Who Gets Shot? (SOW)
The Sami/Nicole fued gets bloody this week on Days when Sami literally flings Nicole into the line of fire.
Sami is seething because Nicole had Victor order her to dump Brandon. When Brandon shows up at Sami's door, "It tears her up to see him so hurt, seemingly by her, " previews Alison Sweeney. "She wants to shout from the rooftops that it's not her fault, this time, But, of course, she can't do that. Sami has to stay away from Brandon until she can come up with a plan" to neutralize Nicole.
Sami and Brandon get into a heated argument when she refuses to talk about what happened. When Billie interrupts (talk about bad timing!), Sami cries that all she wants is for Billie, Brandon and Nicole to leave her alone.
Actross town, Nicole is blissfully preparing for her night with Victor. She plans on telling him she will accept his marriage proposal and th en spending the night with him at the Salem Inn. But when Colin shows up at Nicole's, she ends up having sex with
Sami catches Colin leaving Nicole's. He tries to cover, but "Sami doesn't buy Colin's story for a second," says Sweeney. "She knows something is up." This may be just the ammunition Sami needs. "If Sami can find something to even the score with Nicole, then she can make Nicole get Victor to back off. Sami has to figure out another way to get to the truth."
Later, Victor shows up unexpectedly at Nicole's apartment and asks if something is bothering her. Unbeknownst to Nicole, Sami is still outside, listening to their conversation. When Victor leaves - he gets a call from Bo that makes him cancel his romantic evening with Nicole - Sami bursts in and threatens to blow Nicole's dirty little secret unless she gets Victor to retreat. But Nicole barely flinches, insisting that no one will believe Sami.
"That infuriates Sami," relates Sweeney, because Sami realizes "she's not going to be able to bluff her way through this. Sami knows she's on to something with Nicole and Colin, and she sees that information as her ticket to getting Brandon back." Meanwhile, Victor meets with Bo, who informs Victor that there is a hit out on him for having revealed the location of Stefano's secret airstrip months ago. When Bo explains the details, Victor insists on being part of the stakeout. So Bo, Billie and Victor all head to the Salem Inn.
As fate would have it, Nicole tracks down Victor at the inn, with Sami hot on her heels. "Neither of them has any idea of the danger they are walking into," sets up Sweeney. "All Sami knows is that she has to stop Nicole before she talks Victor into ruining Sami."
Nicole and Sami bursts into the lobby at the same time, as the hit man fires his gun. Sami pushes Nicole in front of Victor, and someone falls to the ground. But who? (Nicole)