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Love and Marriage
Arianne Zuker Mania

Love and Marriage (Soap Opera Weekly)

The article is called "Love and Marriage". Here are the parts relating to Kyle. He is the one interviewed for this article..not Ari.

They are first mentioned on the 2nd page of the article...

Days of our Lives' Arianne Zuker and Kyle Lowder (Nicole and Brady) plan to get married in August. Their characters have had one date - when they were charperoning the second Last Blast Dance in 2001. "There was quite a bit of chemistry there", says current co-head writer Peter Brash, who was on the writing team at the time. "It would have been the start of something big."

But the storyline didn't follow. 'I would only do it if the story worked,' adds co-head writer Paula Cwickly. 'I would never do it because "Hey Kyle and Ari are married in real life, let's find a way to get them together."....

But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy working together.....Lowder adds."I don't think there's anything bad about working with somebody that you care about, as long as you're able to distinguish between your personal life and your professional one."

...."I don't want to sound cheesy but I really haven't found a neagtive part of it. I don't think there's anything bad about working with somebody that you care about."
(this is a caption to go with a photo.)........

Under the area titled, Making Love Scenes, Kyle says..

"Ari is one of the most professional people I know. I like to think of myself in the same way. I know she always does the job to the best of her ability. In fact, I enjoy watching her work, even if it is a love scene with John Aniston or Justin Melvey. The other day we were watching on on-air show and a love scene came on. She put her hands over my eyes. I was like, 'What are you doing?' She said, "You don't want to watch this.' I said, 'No, I love watching you do well.' It was very believable and very right on, which is sexy. It was kind of hot actually!"

He then goes on to say..."Nobody had a clue", claims Lowder, describing his cast mates reactions as, 'You're engaged? Do you know each other?' It's not like we were trying to keep the dating a secret. It never occurred to anybody. Nobody even thought that we were hanging out outside the show. We weren't coming to the set arm and arm. This is our workplace. What we do in our personal lives isn't going to translate here."

......"We were actually thinking...'Should we try to keep this under wraps? We didn't know how the executive producer would feel about co-stars engaging in a personal relationship, especially marriage in a workplace. It was wonderful when (exec prod) Ken Corday came up to us. He gave us a big hug and was like, 'Congratulations. This is wonderful. I love to see the family on Days starting a family outside of Days.' "

"We've been receiving engagement presents from fans
- engraved frames", Lowder notes. "The fans have really taken to it, saying 'You're so cute.' We get letters and packages and gifts all the time."